Health Coaching for pro athletes & business owners
Recovering from
chronic illness.. a pro athlete & business owner - without running from doctor to doctor.

A lot of pro athletes & business owners suffer from unexplained chronic symptoms and conditions, including autoimmune diseases.

They have energy crashes in the morning or afternoon, they're having a hard time concentrating and can't handle their work without caffeine, they have debilitating nerve or joint pain.
The weakness can be so strong they feel like they carry a 20kg vest. They can't fall asleep at night and if they do, they wake up more than two times.
When you shower as a woman, you shed more and more hair that is clogging the drain. They can't bear the pain of the menstrual cramps without heavy painkillers.
The brain fog is so bad it feels like being slightly drunk all the time. Not even mentioning the reoccuring bladder infections or digestive issues like bloating, constipation, discomfort or acid reflux.
Skin issues like eczema or acne can be so debilitating that you're mentally at your lowest point in your life.
The lies they've been told
They think it's because their body is attacking itself, the high stress in their life or even genetics.
That's why they go to their doctors and take pharmaceuticals in hope it will heal them. Some of them even try different diets like clean eating, low carb, vegan, paleo or carnivore.
Why they're still struggling
But actually they already tried taking all the different pharmaceuticals and tried doing the trendy diets without seeing any improvement in their health, most of the time it gets even worse.
The real problem, however, is that they never go to the root cause of their symptoms and even if so, they don't know how to approach it naturally.
What are the consequences?
So if they're never going to take care of the very thing that is causing their fatigue, acne, insomnia, aches & pains, hair loss, bladder infections, gut problems or migraines, how can you ever get rid of it and live the life that they used to live when they were healthy?
The consequences are that they won't play in the highest league or top tournaments, even tho they trained your whole life for it.
They won't be able to solve other peoples problems with their businesses, even tho they've been working so hard for the last years.
Not to mention the money that they won't make that will take care of their family in the future.
How it actually works
What I do with my clients is that we attack the root cause of their health conditions with the right nutrition, supplements & herbs.
Next to it you learn how to cleanse the body, which means you will learn on how to take care of the most important detox organ in the body, your liver.
Because of that you finally have answers on how to heal so you don't need to run from one doctor to another doctor, from another doctor to an alternative health practitioner, from the alternative health practitioner to a psychologist and from the psychologist to a chiropractor.
Working with Theo has been a transformative experience for me, both physically and mentally. The results speak for themselves. I've seen significant improvements in my energy levels, overall well being as well as my migraine problem I wanted to target.
Lena Ahrle
Founding Partner of Ahrle Laurell & Partners AB
Theo’s Health Coaching delivered above and beyond my expectations. I love how the protocols are broken down into actionable steps. Following the protocols I’ve been able to quickly heal from a case of autoimmune vasculitis that was ruining my quality of life for almost two years!
Ty Delich
US College Soccer Player
I came to Theo because I struggled with adrenal fatigue. I felt tired on the court and had not enough energy to compete properly. Thanks to his advice I was able to recover my adrenals. I now have more energy again and feel better on the court. Thank you Theo!
Albert Ramos - Vinolas
Top 100 Tennis Player
Thanks to Theo, I was finally able to get rid of my eczema. I had it on my face and hands, among other places, and I was really uncomfortable shaking hands or meeting people. Now I am just infinitely happy to live a normal life again and I am simply grateful every day! Highly recommended
Matti Langer
Soccer Agent, Former Professional Soccer Player
Theo is a great advisor, very sensitive and competent. With his tips I was able to cure my chronic bladder infections, joint and back pain. Unreserved recommendation!
Doris Ostermann
Speech Therapist
Theo helped me to heal from chronic fatigue, chronic nausea, chronic vomiting and severe brain fog. I felt hopeless and misunderstood. I can go to the gym again, I can paint again, I can read again without having brain fog. I recommend anyone with chronic health issues working with Theo.
Kiara Lynn
Teacher & Caregiver
Doctor visits
Going from one doctor to another doctor without getting answers is one of the most frustrating things. In the end, they prescribe you more medication.
Health Coaching with Theo
Theo takes time to analyze your whole situation in terms of your current and past health issues, your social environment and your current lifestyle.
How does a collaboration work?
Get to know my expertise personally in a virtual consultation.
1. Discovery Call
In this 15min call, we will analyze your situation and figure out if and how Theo can help you. If so, we will schedule the strategy call as the next step.
2. Strategy Call
Theo will consult you individually on your situation for about 60 minutes and discuss the right strategy with you.
3. Long term collaboration
After the strategy call there is the option that Theo will accompany you on a long-term basis in the implementation of your solution.
Frequently asked questions
Why is the discovery call for free?
A lot of people don't know how a collaboration would look like. To give you a better inside on how I work, you have the opportunity to get a free consult so you can experience first-hand what it's like to work with me. Of course, we conduct these calls in the hope that the person advised will then become a client. But only if they were happy with the consultation.
What will happen in the free discovery call?
After you scheduled the call, somebody from my team will call you on the time you scheduled the appointment. We talk with you about the topics that are relevant for you and figure out how we can help you with that.
What does chronic illness mean?
A lot of people think chronic illness is when you have severe health issues to the point where your body can't function anymore. This is not true. If you have a symptom, like acne, fatigue, sleeping problems, focus and concentration issues, weakness, menstrual cramps or bloating, and this symptom is not going away, you have chronic illness. Everything that is chronic and does not improve, is considered chronic illness.
How do you know if you can help me?
In the last four years I helped people recover from all kinds of chronic symptoms that are ranging from severe chronic fatigue to skin issues like eczema and acne to autoimmune diseases like vasculitis. If you have something chronic going on, I'm pretty sure I can help you. If you tell us your symptoms, we can figure out quickly if I can help you or not. Please book a free discovery call so we can figure that out.
Do you also help athletes to recover faster from injuries or to have a lower injury risk?
Yes! The biggest role in preventing and healing injuries is playing your diet and your lifestyle.
I'm very busy and don't have much time to take care of my diet, would this still help me?
Yes, even with small, gradual changes you can see lots of improvements. You will learn routines that you can implement even in a busy life that can help you tremendously.
I'm not a business owner or a professional athlete, can I still schedule a discovery call?
Yes, there are people in the coaching that are not business owners or pro athletes. I wanna help as much people as I can.
I tried everything and I'm hopeless, why can you help me when nobody else could?
I hear this a lot. The fact is: you didn't try everything, even tho you think you did. A lot of people before you came to me with the same question and they couldn't believe I can actual help them. After explaining everything in the strategy call, they realized that it's completely different of everything they heard before. If you give me the chance to explain it to you, I'm sure you'll understand.
How much does the coaching cost?
It all depends on your initial situation and goals. You are welcome to book a free discovery call where somebody from my team will talk to you about it, if you are interested in working with us.
Where can I see testimonials?
You find testimonials on my Instagram, video testimonials on my youtube and verified testimonials on Trustpilot:
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