Success stories
Get to know what some of my clients said about working with me.
Manuel suffered from Long Covid. After the virus infection, the former Bundesliga player experienced chronic symptoms like fatigue, brain fog and heart palpitations.
Incorporating an anti viral protocol with the right foods and supplements that is attacking the Epstein Barr Virus helped him to recover from his Long Covid symptoms.
Manuel Prietl
Professional Soccer Player
Working with Theo has been a transformative experience for me, both physically and mentally. Theo's profound expertise, combined with a personalized approach, has led to remarkable improvements in my health.
It is evident that Theo possesses a deep understanding of qualified nutritional advice, as well as an ability to translate complex concepts into practical, everyday advice. His recommendations were tailored specifically to my individual needs, taking into account my lifestyle and health goals.
The results speak for themselves. I've seen significant improvements in my energy levels, overall well being as well as my migraine problem I wanted to target.
In conclusion, I cannot recommend Theo highly enough. His expertise and personalized approach, have been instrumental in my health journey. If you're looking to make meaningful changes to your health and wellbeing, Theo is without a doubt someone you want on your side!
Lena Ahrle
Founding Partner of Ahrle Laurell & Partners AB
Theo’s Health Coaching delivered above and beyond my expectations. I love how the protocols are broken down into actionable and understandable steps. Following the protocols I’ve been able to quickly heal from a case of vasculitis that was ruining my quality of life for almost two years!

My only critique would have been that the learning resources were somewhat unorganized, but he has massively upgraded his learning system and it is now incredibly easy to navigate all of the extra resources!
Ty Delich
College Soccer Player
I am a professional soccer player in Germany and have been able to lose a few kilograms of body weight with Theo's tips. I've tried a few things before but it never helped in the long term. I have more energy, feel fresher and more rested and my movements on the pitch have become more smooth. My digestion has also improved, I always had problems with constipation. Thank you Theo!
Dennis Slamar
FC Energie Cottbus
Best decision of my life. Thanks to Theo, I was finally able to get rid of my eczema. I had it on my face and hands, among other places, and I was really uncomfortable shaking hands or meeting people. Now I am just infinitely happy to live a normal life again and I am simply grateful every day! Highly recommended
Matti Langer
Soccer Agent, Former Pro Soccer Player
Paula had such severe bloating that she had moments where she couldn't even breathe properly. She used to train 4-5h a day which made it almost impossible to compete.
With the right diet and lifestyle changes we were able to strengthen Paula's HCL and bile. Additionally Paula ate very simple that it is as gentle as possible on the gut.
Paula Ormachea
Former Top 100 Tennis Player
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